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Pour Over Coffee: What Is The Big Deal?

I really do not get it. Maybe I don’t have a fine coffee palate but I can taste zero difference between the methods of pour-over, drip and french press. I can taste the difference between different types of coffee but preparation method? You pass hot water through the grinds, it makes me my Wake Up Juice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There is someone out there selling a near $500 machine that is, honest to god, basically a drip coffee maker. But they are calling it pour over because it has the fancy glass carafe and it spits water all over the place instead of nicely containing it in a filter basket.


I just can’t, folks. This is some bullshit. This is some Emperor’s New Clothes nonsense. That is a drip coffee maker with a fancy façade for hipsters.

The first time I came across pour over coffee was at a cheap hotel with my family in Vegas. My mom pulled the filter basket out of the shitty broken coffee machine, put a filter in, put the kettle on and made her own pour over coffee by doing what this fine person is doing:

Except she was doing it into a mug, not a mason jar because this was the early 90s and we were in a hotel and my mom isn’t a hipster. I can’t not think of it as a decidedly unfancy, MacGuyver way to make coffee.

Lastly, the guy in the article talks about how pour over coffee yields less “grit or oil”, but I’ve never ever found coffee to be particularly gritty (unless some actual grounds found their way into my cup) or oily. What the fuck kind of inferior-ass coffee is this dude drinking that it’s gritty and oily? Am I just a coffee plebe who doesn’t recognize this sort of thing in coffee?


And yes, I’ve had the same coffee prepared all three ways (my friend is a kitchen gadget nut-girl has herb scissors) and I tasted absolutely no difference. The only thing I could detect is that the pour over had a more watery texture (maybe that’s the grit thing?) which I found less pleasant than my heftier drip coffee.

What the hell am I missing here that people would pay so much for what is basically a ye olde method of brewing coffee? It’s like paying more for a washboard than a washing machine.

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