Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Poutine Chips, plus procrastination whining

I had such high hopes for those poutine chips. Cheese and gravy? Sounds great, right? It would have been had the flavour been properly executed.

Upon opening the bag, the scent immediately brought to mind run-of-the-mill sort-of-cheesy chip flavour. It was a muddy, muddled scent that led to a muddled flavour. Kind of good, but not really a specific flavour. Too vague. Kind of cheesy. Kind of salty with some msg-y savoury flavours. It did not bring to mind poutine.


And now for your regularly scheduled procrastination rant: I have schoolwork to do tonight (due tomorrow afternoon) but I just want to read my horror novel and go to bed. Can I make myself get up early enough to get it done?

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