So my terrific boyfriend(Whose name going forth is probably going to be Professor Nerdington), who knows that my broken leg has left me more than a little bummed out about all of the great summer things I'll be missing, came home from work today with the greatest possible bags of white and orange foodstuffs under his arm. No, not kittens, cheese curds!

Now, I know what you're thinking. After last year's battle of homemade poutines (Poutine Off: Poutine-maggedon) left both entrants logey, gravy covered and deeply ashamed of themselves he decided that a sequel would probably kill the both of us and banned such an event. However, he's relented in what can only be described as a terrible error in judgment that we'll both pay for in untold ways.

THAT'S RIGHT it's Poutine Off 2: This Time It's Really Inadvisable Medically. Will it meet the heights of last year's contest which featured Nerdington's Mushroom Explosion Poutine being humiliated by BLH's Triple Bacon Beer-tine? STAY TUNED SPORTSFANS!

Also, feel free to chime in with ideas that will help me extend my winning streak to 2. Although, as I like to think, when it comes to Poutine-Off we're all winners*.


*Although, really, I was the winner.