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Poverty and food and minimum wage and bootstraps

This was in my Facebook feed.

ETA for clarity the post was from a separate person. I find that if it is all from one person I don't get as angry but when it is one after another it is more frustrating.


Followed by this post:

Can't live on minimum wage?!?!? No shit, wasn't ment to be lived on. Seek a higher paying job, can't find one? Continue to look. You have a college degree and your on minimum wage? Look out side your field. I have a client that has a degree in Poly Si and now she is a 23 year old Microsoft licenser. She had no connection to the company prior to being highered.

This all set me into a rage spiral this morning.

The second one I can roll my eyes at because I know the person and he is a liar that posts incendiary things like this. Every time someone calls him out he goes spineless and back peddles to change his argument. He is the king of the "You are racist for thinking what I posted is racist" type of argument. Two people have already replied calling him out for his story being an anomaly and not accurate. Not to mention the minimum wage is also called "living wage" because duh it was meant to be lived on. I'm not even going to go into his "ment" and "highered" and "out side."


The picture though. That set me off worse. It is all fueled by jealousy and incorrect information. My husband and I were on food stamps for about 6 months. He qualified because we were not married, he was unemployed, and he was not able to collect unemployment (someone was working using his social security number.) You can only image the financial situation we were in. The moment my husband started collecting unemployment he no longer qualified for food stamps.

What I'm always curious about is if the people posting this are really that jealous of the person in a situation to collect food stamps? Are you really envious of someone with that stocked fridge of non perishables (because you don't want to chance on produce that could go bad quickly) and having set what you can spend that money on? Would you prefer that to making money at a job where you are probably also receiving benefits?


What is with the resentment of people in this position? If someone is collecting food stamps why is it first resentment instead of sympathy?

I'm not even going to talk about the hoops you have to go through to try and collect food stamps? My husband spent entire days at the office talking to people and filling our various paperwork. They don't hand food stamps out easily.


There are people that "work the system" but shouldn't we be more concerned about what is going on in our economy that it is more profitable for some to collect a measly food stamp allowance than work. On top of that for every 1 person that may be misusing food stamps there are 50 people like myself who only made it through a terrible financial time because of food stamps.

I'm guilty of falling into the stigma of food stamps too. It is something I don't share very easily because I still feel ashamed that we collected food stamps even though it is the thing that carried us through those six months.


I apologize if any of my own post is incoherent. It was anger fueled.

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