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Like much of the world I have become obsessed with Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen. There’s just something about that voice, that beat, those lyrics about making pies and going to the mall with his baby. Yung Iroh, much to my dismay, HATES that song. So my idea is to hack into his phone and change either my ringtone or his alarm* to Trap Queen. He also hates Hawaiian pizza so I was thinking of changing my avatar on his phone to a picture of one.

It would be relatively easy to do- he’s given me his password and lets me go on there to look up stuff or read funny text exchanges he sends to mutual friends. I’d just have to wait until he goes to sleep.

He’d probably tan my hide for it, but we’re also in a BDSM relationship so even when I get punished I win.


My only issues are that:

(a) There is a tiny possibility he’d get legit mad at me for hacking his phone, but only like a 1% one because he loves messing with me.

(b) It would start a prank war that I am sure to lose. I am annoying, but I am not a prankster.

But it would be so sweet to get him.

Thoughts? Should I do it?

*he has to set 5 alarms to make sure he gets up on time, so changing them all to fetty wap would really get him annoyed.

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