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Pray for me, Groupthink...

For I am at my FiL’s for Christmas Eve. He asked us to be there at 4 o’clock. We had a late start and ran into a bit of traffic, so Mr. I called him to say we would be there around 4:30.

“Great!”, My FiL said, “It will give me time to have a quick shower.”

We arrive, and my FiL is standing in the middle of the kitchen, washing a vegetable crisper. The contents of his fridge spread across the table. Apparently he decided that Christmas Eve was the perfect time to clean his fridge. And no, he hasn’t showered yet. He could be the poster child for adult ADHD, if he believed it existed.


Oh, and the vac-pac package of pierogi he bought for dinner is defrosting on the counter, turning into a giant mass of dough. He did the same thing last year.

I am so glad I did most of the prep for my dinner contributions (borscht, mushroom cabbage rolls and compote) over the past two days.

Update: He just boiled the pierogi mass. He struggled to get them out of the bag, and then when they were done he was like “Oh, they stuck together a bit.” And walked away from the stove to do something else.

I ended up draining them into the colander so we didn’t have a repeat of last year when he tried to fry them, but just scooped them directly out of the water into the frying pan with a tonne of water so they steamed.

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