You guys! We were supposed to get 4 - 7 inches of snow, starting at midnight last night. Before bed last night, I said a little “please don’t schnerr until Sunday night at the earliest” prayer...

(I wanna snow day tomorrow, dang it!) and I woke up to no snow today. So far, so good!


Now, they’re saying 6 - 10 inches, ending at midnight tonight. I need all of GT to do your best Care Bear Stare towards those clouds so that it snows lots but not till later and school is canceled tomorrow. :D

Also, how much do you love these Care Bears?!:


I will be reading and grading in preparation for class tomorrow but, just to let you know the stakes, Homey’s promised to make French toast if school is canceled tomorrow. ;)

Anyway, how the heck are you all? You made it through Thanksgiving weekend, so congratulations on that! Do you get to wind down today, or do you have to run around, catching up on stuff because you had so many dang events all weekend?