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This is both WAY appropriate to be posting ON GroupThink and WAY weird to be feeling when MEETING members of GroupThink. But I've got some anxiety.

Thoughts rational and irrational:

I've got a huge cystic acne on my nose. I don't really have any nice "I'm cool but laid back and can get fancy and quirky" clothes. No one will like me when my thought process is actual words spoken from my mouth. I'm not skinny. I don't have tons of money to spend on foods and drinks but I could if I wanted to and this seems like something to get down and celebrate with. I'm not cool and not attractive.


First of all, the "I am" statements are actually "I feel like" statements. Which totally matters, has cost a bunch for therapy (emotionally, time wise and $$$) for me to get to (being able to distinguish from DECLARING I AM UNATTRACTIVE to FEELING like I am unattractive or fearing others may think that when I know I don't feel that way all the time).

Second and most importantly, how have others felt in prep for these IRL meet-ups? From our (GT) very nature, I would think some of these feelings are common. Maybe they even hold some people back from attending.

What have been your experiences, fears, etc.?

p.s. I'm pretty sure I'm going to bring this vintage designer silk blouse I found at a thrift store in Wisconsin. It's a small or medium and either Dior or LaCroix or something with a C. It obvs doesn't fit me but I've held onto it to either sell or give to someone. GTers would be totally worthy of it and someone would rock it.


p.p.s. And I'm going to bring a bunch of felt flowers to give to people. They're just sitting in a suitcase waiting for me to do something with them and giving them to Chicago area folks would make me feel good and hopefully jump start me into doing something with the rest of them.

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