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Pre-Wedding events....WHYYYYY

It’s just now started. All of my friends are getting married. At first I was so excited! And now I’m like HOLY FUCK waiiiitttt I’m supposed to spend ALL of my money on you while you act like a princess? Why is this fun?

One of my best friends is getting married this spring. She doesn’t have a formal bridal party. I don’t live in the same city as her (she stayed in my hometown) and her best friend that lives near her contacted me (and my other out of state friend) about “planning the SURPRISEEE bridal shower and bachelorette party.” She then proceeded to tell us EXACTLY when and where each would be...so really no “planning” involved for us.


My friend and I who live out of state both made it clear that honestly we cannot travel 3 or 4 times before the wedding to our hometown.

Now, this hometown girl has told us that she booked a banquet hall and there are 85 people invited to the bridal shower and that me and my out of town friend are responsible for the “party favors” and the decorations, including a Flower Crown station with real flowers.

I feel like such a heinous bitch but....what??? Bridal showers to me are in someones house and there are snacks and drinks and stupid games.

And we haven’t even gotten the “instructions” for the “Bachelorette Party”

Is this normal? Any wedding events horror stories I can commiserate with? Am I a bitch?

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