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Prediction if Trump is nominee

I have a prediction. If Trump is the nominee. Jeb Bush will come out and say “I know I signed a pledge to support the nominee. I cannot in good conscience do this. I have to go with what is in the best interests of the nation not the party. Even though we have our differences Hillary Clinton is still more ready and acceptable to be president. I will support Hillary to be president”. Next week a fusion ticket of Clinton/Bush. Trump loses.

I think time is ripe for this. Trump on Friday lost the establishment Republicans ie Chamber of Commerce/moderate wing. Chamber will do far better under Hillary then Trump. Trump is wildly unpredictable and inexperienced in government matters. Trump has never been a friend to establishment republicans why will he start now. He is widening gulf between base and establishment.


Clinton/Bush would ensure Florida and Ohio as wins in November.

Now should Hillary save republicans from themselves? I say yes. We need at the very least a two party system. We need a two party system that plays off the center not extremes. A two party system that had reasonable differences where a Sam Nunn and Warren Rudman could create legistlstion about the military that still stands. Where both got union support. Where viewpoints were different but at end of the day a deal is reached. Two parties in which voters did not hate the voters on the other side. The last sentence is most important and that is where we stand today. Trump winning will worsen this. A fusion ticket may be the last best hope of having two parties that work together and reasonable.

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