Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today I made two posts on Jezebel which attracted all sorts of fucked up responses. The first one was the one about Asian women getting the most attention on dating sites, which happens about every six months. This time my response was kind of off base because like all the other 100 times I've seen this story it didn't make it sound like Asian women were just demurely sitting around waiting for lurching non Asian dudes to hit on them, but I posted to acknowledge that Asian women are active participants in who they choose as partners. A second read on the post made me see this wasn't needed this time but the responses I got were fucked up, relating white guys as shit and Asian women as flies. I kept my original response up because the responses I was getting were telling.


The second time I got called out today was a couple hours ago, in which I related a story about coaching cross country in an article about an elderly woman that ran herself to death. I acknowledged my original problem with my thinking, and yet the person that challenged me keeps getting high fives. Either comment I don't feel was so fucked up by itself, or needing me to preface how I've been commenting forever and I'm not an idiot. I dunno, this shit is frustrating. Maybe I need to pull my head out of my ass? Let me know.

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