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Pregnancy and Hair Color

I'm not currently pregnant, but my husband and I are having a disagreement so I thought I would put it to the hivemind.

Normally, my hair is colored a vibrant red. I don't feel like myself when my hair is another color, and therefore intend to keep it red through any potential pregnancies. Being the annoying kind, I asked my OBGYN last year if this would be okay, and she said that it should be fine, as there hasn't been any solid evidence that hair color is harmful to the baby.

My husband, however, maintains that this is incorrect and that any baby would come out club footed with hands growing out of his heads.


I countered that if this is the case, hair coloring while pregnant would already have been outlawed because it would be an obviously harmful process. And what about the stylists who process hair all through THEIR pregnancies?

Who has some experience with this? Perhaps sage advice from your doctors?

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