Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Is pregnancy brain really a thing? I was skeptical before but now I’m starting to wonder about it. This morning I got up and went to work as usual only to realize “Oh shit, I was supposed to give Mr. Haa a ride to work after he drops his car off at the shop.” So I call him quick and at first he says don’t worry, he’ll see if the guys at the shop can give him a ride. But I feel so terribly, I’m on the verge of tears so I insist on meeting him at the garage and giving him a ride to work like I promised. We literally talked about his appointment right before we went to bed last night. This morning I decided against waking him up to say goodbye and he assumed it was because I wasn’t actually leaving, just going downstairs to wait for him. Gah! I’m in for 3 more months of this. Anyone else have any amusing stories about being forgetful to help me not feel like such an idiot?

My sister in law has the best preggo brain story I’ve heard. She was getting ready to move and was packing up some things in the kitchen. She gets a box full of small appliances together and calls for her husband to carry it out to the garage. He picks it up, they go out to the garage and when he sets it down there is a huge wet spot seeping thru the cardboard. Turns out she packed the coffee maker while it was full of water. Oops!


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