Not for me, fortunately, but my younger sister is preggers and she is having a little bit of a meltdown today regarding clothes. She's basically at that point where she definitely has a little tummy and none of her pants fit well anymore, but she's not really visibly showing enough that she looks obviously pregnant. So she says she just walks around all day feeling uncomfortable in the clothes that don't fit and like she just looks fat to everyone rather than being a cute pregnant lady with a nice bump.

She's my secret sister for our Christmas exchange this year, and I'd love any suggestions from you guys about what are great pregnancy clothes. She already dressed in a lot of loose, flowy shirts and skirts, but she's finding that even her loose shirts end up being too short. She lives in Texas, so nothing needs to be super temperate for winter, and she's due in May. She loves colors and patterns, and right now she's leaning towards things like leggings and longer tops. For leggings, she says that the maternity ones she's tried on have super tight waistbands and are less comfy than regular leggings in a bigger size? Does that ring true for anyone, or are there amazingly comfy maternity leggings out there?

I'll probably look around a lot in thrift stores and maybe get some basics online - am I correct in thinking Target is awesome and cheap for cute maternity stuff? Cheap is good - I can't spend a ton and it would also make her uncomfortable to receive fancy stuff, as we both probably buy everything other than undies at thrift stores.

Moms of GT, unite! (And thank you very much in advance and I'm so happy people like you guys are spreading your genes and awesomeness on)