Handles it like a boss.

Kristi Gordon is the resident meteorologist for Global TV Vancouver. She's also pregnant, which more than a few people have taken issue with, resulting in her getting hatemail criticizing her clothing choices as well as having the audacity to be pregnant and be on TV. Because god forbid a woman not cloister herself to spare the eyes of others from seeing a pregnant belly.

Instead of simply ignoring it, though, Gordon, Robin Stickley, and Squire Barnes did a short segment calling those people out.

Their reasoning to do so, instead of just ignoring it (which women are always told to do when they're being harassed, I might add), was to spark some dialogue and show that the people on the other side of the screen are real people, too. Gordon also admits that such comments are rather insidious and can stick with you even when you you don't them seriously and are normally confident in yourself. Just because she's able to shrug off such harassment doesn't mean everyone can.


It's also rather amusing to watch as she has to stop herself from cracking up as she reads a handwritten letter that was probably meant to bring her to tears.

Later on, she talked to Jill Krop about how women are held to a higher standard and are far more harshly scrutinized on-air than men.


In it, both of them talk about how men can age, go bald, and wear the same suit everyday (among other things) and no one bats an eye. If a woman starts looking older or dresses a certain way, on the other hand, and some people not only feel like they have the right to complain about it but actually feel offended that a woman on TV doesn't look how they think women should work. Neither Krop nor Gordon said it, but there's a definite unsaid "no one cares about your stupid boners" going on. Doing the news is a job like any other, so what should be important is the quality of the stories and the reporting, not appearances.


They end the segment by talking about the people who threaten not to watch Global anymore because of Gordon. Their response to that threat: good. People like that aren't needed or wanted, so if they want to take their hatred elsewhere, no one is going to stop them. Oh, and if you're going to send hatemail, at the very least spell the channel name right.