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Preparations are underway....

..I'm going to watch the Twilight movies. ABC Family is having a "Twilight Weekend" next week, and I'm going to watch it. Which means I have a week to find a martini shaker and some sour mix, so I can be properly shitfaced when it all goes down. I am so. stoked.

I tried watching Twilight before. I saw the first one, because I am curious about pop culture phenomena. The series lost me when they played "baseball" in a manner that defied the laws of physics. Like, holy shit, that is not how anyone throws a ball. EVER.


But okay, Twilight. I will let you be a thing, and I'll check ya later.



It is now later. And I have a plan to limit myself to two Amaretto sours per movie. And I'm doing this to the tv version because it just might edit out a few stupid parts (!!!) and I will surely require the commercial breaks in the story, so my head doesn't explode from the insanity.

Who's with me? Or have you already seen it because you were young enough not to know better, when they came out the first time?


You're right, Morgan McMichaels. I'm sorry, that wasn't necessary.

But seriously.

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