Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Preparing for Culture Shock.

I am at T minus 9 weeks and counting! Just 9 more weeks before i tie a trailer to the back of my Corrolla, gather up my best friend, dose the dogs on some dramamine and head west. I’m already trying to wrap my head around the massive cultural differences I am going to run into. There are pot shops! You can just walk into a store and then walk out with some weed! Like you were buying milk! Thats crazy! They have a type of pot called Girl Scout Cookies! What?! There are In and Out burgers! I have only heard about these- I need some animal style fries (is that right? Did I say that right?) no one will use the word “y’all” And sidebar. I’m transferring in company and I am so afraid they are all going to laugh at me and my deep south accent. I don’t think there are Bojangles out west, or Cheerwine. I am so excited, but mostly so scared you guys. Big big changes!


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