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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Prepping For Pole Dancing, Driving Anxiety Strikes Again

Good news: I am taking a pole dancing lesson! It's gonna be the best, and another outlet for exercise. I am required to wear amazing shoes-like "stripper shoes" (I hope I didn't demean anyone, I don't know what else to call them). Bad news: driving anxiety strikes again. Damn.

I have to drive from my place to a very famous part of the city (a lot of you know where I live, so you can figure it out if you'd like). I looked up parking-the worst part for me-and think I found an area.


Second worst part is the route. I'm not great with freeways, so I'm going to take an alternate one. I hope I don't get lost or fuck up.

Regardless, the studio is also in the same-ish area I have to drive to today. I'm getting out of my comfort zone more with driving and less with pole dancing-oh, and if anyone does it for fun or, ever cooler, as a pro, let me know! I'm quite interested in it.


Also, my bank account...thank God it's almost the first.

Also, going to get me a job. Unrelated, but further proof that everything is coming up Degenerate!

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