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Prescription theft!? Has anyone dealt with this? **Update**

Last Wednesday, I dropped off my prescription at the same Rite Aid pharmacy I have used for almost two years. I meant to pick it up the next morning but life got in the way. Yesterday, I finally went in and, after watching three techs search for 10 minutes, I was told they would figure it out and deliver to me (I live a block away). However, as of this morning I had not heard or seen anything so I called. I was told very briskly by the manager (who usually is very friendly with me) that I had already picked up my prescritpion on Saturday but that I could pick up the partial prescription of one of the drugs that had not be on hand...

Confused, I tried to explain that I had not, in fact, picked up the prescription on Saturday. The woman said “yes you did” and then said something about “the only reason you would wait this long is...” and maybe something about looking at the video. To be honest I was (and still am) very flustered so some of the details are fuzzy.

Anyway, I decided to go walk down to the pharamacy and talk to someone in person. The same manager pulled me into the consultation room and proceeded to make me feel:

a) crazy

b) like a sketcy criminal

c) like I was completely dumb

d) like a huge pain in the ass

Basically, she continued to argue that I did in fact pick up the prescription. I guess the tech who works on Saturday (who will be in later today) claims that I definitely picked them up (I did not), that she knows me because she always helps me (possible, since I come in once a month to once every six weeks), and that I always wait for my prescription (not true). The manager was not there on Saturday so she is going off the word of this tech, but seemed pretty confident that she is telling the truth.


The manager kept asking me to please go home and check. Check what? I guess she thinks I will come home, find my bottles magically filled and realize it was all my mistake.

So now I have to wait until 3 or 4 to go back and talk to the tech who claims she gave me my prescritions. The manager says she needs to look at the tape. I guess it could all work out. I could walk in an the tech could go “oops! My mistake” and we will all have a good laugh (note: I will not actually be laughing). However, based on the ammount of skepticisim and pushback I got from the manager I am terrified that they are going to continue to claim that I picked up my prescription, so I am trying to figure out my best course of action. Also, regarless of outcome I am really upset and frusturated about the parts where they are claiming they know my patterns and motivations and using those as “proof.”

Anyway, in addition to venting I was hoping maybe someone would have some advice. I do not hope anyone has gone through this, but if you have and can share your experience, I would appreciate it.

What happens if the tech continues to claim she gave me my prescription?

My current plan is to see how things pan out later today and then to escalate. I figure I need to ask to see the tape and their records of my purchase? If they drag their heels or refuse, do I call Rite Aid corperate?


I know they must deal with people constantly who are legitimately scamming them for drugs, so I do not fault them entirely for their caution—particularly because one of my prescriptions is a very controlled substance. However, as someone who is not trying to scam them and just needs those prescriptions to function I feel so powerless.


ETA: Thank you all for your suggestions so far. I called my insurance, am currently on hold with CS, and am making a list of everything I need to ask for when I go back in an hour. I will update you on this saga. Now I need to go shower and prepare for battle.



Ok, the conclusion to the prescription mystery is maybe less exciting than all this build up would suggest; it was definitely less satisfying. It is, however, equally as infuriating.


Believing I was going into battle, I decided I should probably try to look as much like a person who wouldn’t swindle a pharmacy out of controlled drugs and sell them to the youth as possible (is that a look?). However, as an out-of-work doctoral student my look usually involves three-day worn yoga pants, unwashed hair, and computer-weary eyes, so I figured I should step it up a notch. I showered. I shaved the thriving prarie under my arms. I suit dress-and-tights-ed up. I put on makeup. It was an ordeal, but I looked good!

In case I needed to park myself there for a while and wait out any excuses about not having time to look at videos/purchase histories I grabbed my ipad and drove the block to the pharmacy (in case it got dark before I left). Once at the pharmacy, I stood in line and tried to identify who the mysterious tech was. Once I got up front I told the cashier that I needed to see the manager. Once the manager saw me, she came back over, looking irritated, and said “what?” I reminded her, cheerfully, that she had told me to come back at three or four. She started to say something about coming in at five, and then told me to meet her back in the consultation room. She pulled in two of the techs and then started telling me how I had picked it up at 5pm. I explained that I wasn’t even around then. She asked me how I had dropped off the prescription when I wasn’t around. I stated, exasperatedly, that I didn’t. The woman who I had brought the prescription to was in the room and confirmed that I had dropped it off in the morning. This was already conflicting with what the manager had accused me of earlier. I knew I was making ground! The manager told me to calm down (I was pretty damn calm, but ok) and left to go check the video. I chatted with the two techs, and repeated that I was not trying to cause problems but this was kind of a big deal. They left me in the room to go look through records or something. I pulled out my iPad to read some GoT and before I could open my Kindle app I heard someone say “WHERE WAS IT?!!”


Yup, they found it. It was tucked somewhere in the rack and they just hadn’t seen in yesterday. Guess no one picked it up after all. Definitely not me. They thanked me for being patient. They rang me up. The manager never even looked at me again. I wanted to demand an appology from her for calling me a dumb, lying, criminal and for wasting my day. I wanted to yell “never coming back here again!”, drop the credit card machine stylus, and walk away triumphantly. But I couldn’t yell at the techs who seemed like they really hadn’t done anything (they looked as bewildered as I when we were in the room). So I just grumbled, paid, and left quietly.

I will probably still call Rite Aide and file a complaint. I will definitely be finding a new pharmacy. I will also definitely be drinking heavily tonight.


Thank you all for your help. Sorry the conclusion was less than sensational.

Enjoy these pictures of the pigs doing tricks!


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