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First and foremost a big thanks to everyone who was giving me prescription solutions for the Geekboy.

I came home, he was on the computer, calm and doing fine. He did some research and switched his prescription over. He had to switch it to Wal-Mart hence the liberal guilt. Apparently his prescriptions will be much more affordable through Wal-Mart which I hate but we have to do what we have to do.

We have separate insurance so I only have so much of his information but I'll get his information over the weekend and do some more research and see if there's a better solution since I have 30 days now.


I hate that income wise Wal-Mart is sometimes my only option in a pinch in order to keep going. The Geekboy procured me all of the Golden Girls so I'm having a Golden Girls party tonight.

Also appreciate everyone's help even after I've just been lurking the last few days.

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