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Part 1 here - I picked two! Once again, Boyrax I will cry if you open this. So if you happen to browse my posts before Christmas Break is over, don't.

When I got to the liquor store, someone offered me help and I basically shoved the 6-pack list at him and he pointed out two beers which I promptly bought. Well he did let me pick between two kinds and I picked the IPA because Boyrax likes IPAs. I got Exit 16 by Flying Fish and He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's RIPA by Schmaltz. I looked them up later and they both have good BeerAdvocate scores so I think he'll be happy with them, even if he doesn't end up liking them! And one's from New Jersey and the other's from New York so no way he can get them anywhere else. I am satisfied with my purchases.

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