Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So my friend is undergoing chemo right now. He’s super young (26 I think?) so it was all quite unexpected and a shock. He’s the most positive guy in the world though and he’s doing really well so far. I wanted to send him a card or a little gift (because boobieguy’s company sent me a bouquet for newyears to cheer me up and it was the greatest thing) I wondered if anyone had any idea what would be nice for a guy who is undergoing chemo to get. I know that stuff can make you feel very ill so I figured beer/chocolates/food-type stuff is out. The balloons I see are all pretty f’ing lame and flowers are a no-go for guys right?

Any ideas anyone?

Update: I ended up ordering him a card and a set of asian beers. I heard that he still drinks beers and he loves travelling to asia so I figured it was a good match. Also this was achievable for me at this time so I just went for it. He says he’s doing real well and I hope this’ll make him happy, to know we’re thinking of him :)


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