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Presenting the best headline/story EVER ...

Apparently we Cumberbitches have NOTHING on the Chinese when it comes to worshiping his Cumberbatchness:

"China loves Cumberbatch. According to an Oct. 29 article on the Chinese news site Caijing, the 37-year-old Cumberbatch, whom the Chinese call Curly Fu, "is the reason a new wave of Chinese viewers have turned to British television." (‘Curly' describes the star's hairstyle, while 'Fu' is a shortened Chinese transliteration of 'Holmes.') The Caijing article attributes the recent spike in the popularity of British television in China to "the Sherlock effect," and Cumberbatch's rising star isn't limited to the small screen. One journalist with the Beijing-based newspaper Jinghua Timessurveying viewers of the 2013 blockbuster sci-fi movie Star Trek Into Darkness found that most had gone to see Curly Fu, a villain they declared "impossible to hate" because they had "never seen a bad guy so handsome before."


And so on. The Chinese also love shipping The Avengers:

"To be sure, it's not only Cumberbatch who features in the erotic dreams of China's slash community: Chris Hemsworth's Thor — whom Chinese call "Brother Hammer" — and Tom Hiddleston's Loki play gay lovers in thousands of Chinese love stories. And since the 2008 blockbuster Ironman came to the Middle Kingdom, slash writers have had a heyday imagining the protagonist, played by Robert Downey Jr., romancing Captain America."

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