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From the European side of the family. My folks just got back from Lisbon and, as usual, come with gifts.

Port wine, Heineken from the factory, pate, guitar cufflinks for JinxMan, a shit ton of After 8s (yeah, like 5 boxes, wtf?), a few figurines, an apron, cow clogs, jewelry...and then from an aunt:


WTF, TIA?!?!? A chocoplay game? She also sent along his and hers edible undies. JinxMan started laughing uncontrollably, my dad was like "Huh...chocolate shouldn't be on butts", and my mother was like "There's a condom. But just one. That seems silly...but I guess you guys don't use condoms anyway."

Wow. I'll thank her over the phone tomorrow, but I just wanted to share.

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