Where do you stand on how gift giving is handled? My birthday is coming up next week, and my bf just asked me what I want for it. Honestly, I don't think I've ever received a birthday present that wasn't in the form of someone offering to take me out to dinner or something. Not really an option for us, since we do that pretty regularly as it is. I told him I don't know, since I've never been asked that question.

He had one friend, a girl I generally dislike, straight up tell him to buy her a $200 purse she wanted for her birthday. He told her a hearty hell no, and she settled for having him cart her around outlet shopping for a day. I can't even imagine being that brazen with my demand for presents with anyone, so it pretty much blew my mind that someone would not even request but outright tell someone that's what they want from them as a birthday present.

How do you handle receiving gifts? Do you flat out tell people what they want? Do you want them to pick it out for you? Does a registry come into play? I don't understand the concept of gifts. I grew up poor and Buddhist, material things being exchanged is weird to me.