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Preserve is Already Carrying Racist Crap

Hey there, chickens! I have posting rights!

So Preserve is all of two Internet days old, and it's already fallen into the trap that seduces so many of our brightest lifestyle maven stars: carrying racist shit.


I wandered over to Preserve.us today to peruse the twee merchandise that I'll secretly really really want and also hate-view the ridiculous pricing (a $395 wrap dress that is SOLD OUT), and I discovered this:

Illustration for article titled Preserve is Already Carrying Racist Crap


And I'm just like, c'mon! Racist images of Native Americans have been part of the national conversation for weeks, and we just had like a thousand scandals with retail chains and designers stealing Native designs and getting called out on it! Why don't you pay attention to the news media, Blake Lively's intern? Are you busy making her coffee butter? Are you researching twee fonts? Are you stalking Anthropologie? (Don't listen to Anthro! They are a house of lies!)

I sent them an angry letter about it, but no reply yet. I'll update if I get one...

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