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Welcome To The Bitchery

President Carter Should Stand With The Clintons

I understand President Obama has to attend the inauguration since its a symbolic and custom handing over of power. President Carter does not have to go neither do the Clintons. If Russia did not interfere and Hillary lost in number of votes then fine.

I am hoping neither Clinton attends. By attending they get nothing out of it and the party will be worse off. Republicans can say “the Clintons attended thus accepted legitimacy of election why can’t you”.


I hope in fact Hillary will go on Rachel Maddow or Anderson Copper that night talking about what Trump said was bad for the nation. She does not have to say what she would have said but she should be the voice of the majority who voted for her. I figure if CNN can hire Lewindowski they should hire Hillary and give her a show. Call it Voice of Majority or Moral Majority (I want to see Trump and his supporters have a total twitter meltdown over the title).

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