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Last night I wrote about Kennedy family vs Bush family. You do not have to scroll down far to read my post. A commentator asked me to look up Mimi Alford. I was totally unfamiliar with the name.

So I wikied her name like I always do and found her affair which lasted close to 18 months was not really a secret in the White House.

Yet this really was not an affair but abuse of power by the President against an intern.


So I researched a bit further and found her words about this. It was her first experience with him. The more I think about it the description she gives is a rape.

I assumed he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe but they were two adults at the top of their fields and consentual. It was absolutely abusive to Jackie and their kids. This with Mimi in no way was consentual. The first encounter was a rape and relationship was a gross abuse of power.

Why did my teachers (Catholic schools), my mother who often talks how she remembers the day he was killed, my mother’s late friend who loved JFK and would tear up talking about Bobby, lionize him. Calling him a great war hero and stood up to Kruschev. Gloss over the death of Mary Jo one teacher used it as an example of fight vs flight and Teddy’s instinct for flight took over.

I know the CNN series showed the family as deeply flawed but no mention of Mimi. There is a difference between flawed and sexual assault and rape.


I want to thank the commentator for pointing out Mimi Alford.

In the coming days I am going to research racism and the Kennedy family. It contradicts what I was taught. I was taught the Kennedy family especially Bobby and Teddy were huge supporters and spoke often of civil rights. I am trying to figure out how they can be for civil rights yet be racists, unless it was a ploy for votes.


I always defined myself as a Kennedy Democrat. God my mother and her late friend crying watching Teddy’s funeral. They were on the phone watching it. My mother was home and her late friend was at her home both watching and on the phone to each other. Yeah they did this a lot with the news.

I need to redefine myself as a Democrat. Maybe a Dukakis Democrat. He was the first presidential candidate I voted for.


Thank you for educating me more I will do more research. I just have to pull apart the gossip from facts. There is a lot of untrue gossip, National Enquirer seems to be the lead.

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