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President Obama's address tonight

I am so disappointed. I remember President Carter behind the desk telling us about the failed rescue mission, Reagan addressing behind the desk the Challenger explosion, first Bush behind the desk during the Gulf War, Clinton about the bombing in Kosovo, George W Bush the first night of the Iraq War.

As much as I loathed the republican presidents they at least understood the power of sitting behind the desk. Symbols matter. Looking presidential even if its sitting behind that desk is important.

Instead he stood in front of it in front of a lectern. It gave the impression he felt unworthy to sit behind the desk for this critical address.


The speech was fine. Doing it in the Oval Office in front of a lectern just undercut it symbolically. A VP addressing the nation from the Oval Office fine it should not be done behind the desk. That desk is a symbol of power and a key symbol for the president. To stand in front of it behind the lectern just to me gave the impression he did not feel worthy sitting there. I am sure he feels worthy but it did not look presidential at all.

Sometimes a nation needs their president to look presidential, to use the symbols of the presidency. This was the time for it. Maybe he has in some ways a disdain for the symbols but they are important they are important for the presidency and the people not just a man holding the office. The presidency is more is more then just a person and part of the presidency is looking presidential not just giving a spech. All the examples I gave for just a few minutes they acted presidential not just a speech giver or a democrat or even republican. President Obama gave overall a good speech it did not look presidential. At least to me. As much as I despise Reagan his Oval Office speech after the Challenger explosion was his finest moment, he understood it was about more then a speech or politics but that we needed a person to address their grief and sitting behind that desk, the desk that is so symbolically important, he addressed our grief with dignity and understanding it was time to look and act presidential.

Yes a good speech is important and he did a good job but he needed to look presidential not to undercut the speech by looking like he was unworthy to sit behind the desk.

Or I am making an Everest out of a molehill.

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