Tonight for dinner I am making an eye round roast (or whatever they are called!). I did salt and pepper on room temperature meat, and then browned all the sides in oil in my cast iron pan. Then I put a block of frozen beef stock in the pan too (because I neglected to take it out of the freezer before just now), turned down the heat, and shook some dill over the top. It is now simmering away on the stove under foil.

I think it smells amazing, but I LOVE dill. It is a very Russian thing to put dill on everything, so I'm not sure how my roommate will react when she gets home. Hopefully she also loves dill?

I am currently sitting in the kitchen trying to think of what to serve it with... rice? pasta? do I even have pasta in the cupboard?

Bonus picture: President's Day Brunch apple cider donuts!