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Pretentious, insulting people

I just got home from a party. While at the party, I met a guy who had Arabic lettering tattoos on the insides of both arms from the wrist to the crook of the elbow. Due to the size and prominence, I inquired what it meant and how long he had known Arabic.

His response was "I don't speak Arabic or know how to write it. But I paid someone a lot of money to translate this for me." It was some poem or phrase or something, all I remember was thinking it was super pretentious and that I automatically hated the guy.


My friend hosting the party, a first generation Chinese American, noted how it likewise frustrates her when people have tattoos of languages they don't even remotely know, and that she always has people excited that she knows what their Chinese character tattoos mean (even when they don't actually mean what the people think they do).

So, anyways, I avoided being around the guy for the rest of the night.

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