You guys!

Pretty Deadly (by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios) came out this week. I just read it and needed to talk to someone about it. :/

First off, what is Emma Rios' deal? Did she start drawing when she was a toddler? That artwork was so good. I'm not surprised, because I am familiar with her work. But STILL.

I shall try and describe some of the actual goings-on of the issue as best I can, but unlike DeConnick I am not so good with words. There's a dead bunny talking with a butterfly. The main character's story is told in song. (By the way, I seriously hope there are fan renditions of it sometime.) The main character, Ginny, is a daughter of Death. She enjoys riding horses and seeking vengeance. And it is awesome.


I just really liked it, okay? :/