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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Pretty in Perimenopause

I'm pretty sure I'm in perimenopause. After 30 years of clockwork periods (except when I was pregnant or nursing), I've had light spotting for two days and then nothing two months in a row. I'll be going to the doctor next week to confirm.

I took a home pregnancy test that I had in my cabinet for an emergency, and there wasn't even a faint line. I've started sprouting tons of whiskers on my face and neck, gained some weight in my tummy. I've had a few squirts of pee escape unexpectedly a few times, which is apparently a sign. (I've stepped up my kegels since then.) But no hot flashes or months-long periods, thank the FSM.


I'm kind of psyched. I haven't used birth control pills since I was in my early 20's, so the fear of getting pregnant unexpectedly has always lurked. I've always been glad to have my period (except when I was trying to get pregnant), but only because it meant that I wasn't pregnant. I love my Diva cup, but I'll be happy when I can throw it away. My friends are jealous.

Fingers crossed that I'm going through the change and not home to some interloping zygote!

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