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For context: Stephen Harper is the only leader of a major political party to be opposed to the creation of a public inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada.

Some grim statistics. Aboriginal women make up 3% of the population and yet account for 10% of the homicides in Canada. 59% of the missing women and girls in Saskatchewan (the only province that collects and releases data on missing persons) are aboriginal. Aboriginal women are three times more likely to be murdered by a stranger than the general population. Despite all these facts, the Prime Minister recently said that there are no underlying sociological reasons for the murder of an aboriginal girl in Winnipeg.



Meanwhile, with a great fanfare, Stephen Harper recently made a trip to the Arctic to visit ships currently engaged in searching for the lost Franklin expedition. In 1845, Sir John Franklin led an expedition into the Arctic to look for the Northwest Passage. His two ships, the Terror and the Erebus became trapped in the sea ice in the High Arctic, and in the end, the expedition members attempted to escape by walking south. Over the years, various artifacts including human remains have come to light, but the ships themselves remain lost. Supposedly finding Franklin's ships will help bolster Canada's claim over the Northwest Passage, but I don't really see how.


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