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Pretty sure I'm getting waders for Christmas.

This was one of the best weekends yet in the Krabby & Mr. 4th Chronicles of Middle~Age Dating (see more here if you want.) I’m in love with him and told him so for the first time on Saturday. He feels the same and told me so, as well. It was a great moment. Then he asked me for my boot size. I know he didn’t mean shoes and below is why.

We went fishing, clamming & crabbing all summer. He goes all year long. You need licenses for various seafood seasons and we’ve been talking about the winter clamming season coming up. I’ve never gone clamming in the winter and I can’t wait.


Last week we went striper fishing but it was clear when we got to the ocean that you needed to be in the water, not on the beach. He busted out his insulated waders and I, of course, did not because I don’t have them. I happily read a book in my beach chair ‘til nearly sundown. He caught 6 but they were all too small. One was only an inch under the minimum length.

This weekend he worked overtime & side jobs while I readied all the Thanksgiving business (we are hosting 14-16.) He brought Lobsters (LOBSTAHS!) home to cook for me. He bow~hunts and made 3 kinds of jerky for the smoker from the first deer of the season, which was ready last night. We built a fire out back & Mr. 4th was wedging giant, downed tree limbs in to the crotch between standing trees and snapping them into log size pieces. In his pajamas. He moved his entire spice cabinet from above the stove (where I cannot reach without a chair) down to a side cabinet and cleaned out a drawer for me, all before I arrived Friday night. It’s the little things that mean a lot. Pants feels.

I believe he is my real life Daryl Dixon, except bald.

I know there are a bunch of happy posts & open threads tonight but I wanted to crow a bit :) I is in Luvs!

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