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Pretty Sure I'm Not Going to Date Again

Until I move out of Texas, or unless divine intervention plays a role. See below reasons:

  1. I'm a staunch liberal
  2. I'm also a Christian
  3. And a feminist
  4. I don't believe I'm obligated to shave my legs
  5. I'm somewhat heavily tattooed
  6. I grew up dirt poor, I have a really hard time connecting with anybody insanely blind to their own privilege. And yeah, this is Dallas we're talking about, down the street from Southern Methodist University, aka home of the Bush library and no cars made before 2012, and DEFINITELY no Fords or Hondas in sight.
  7. Alright, tooting my own horn here, but I work my ASS off to handle my shit, manage my own baggage, and recover from my past. I try to keep a good perspective on things despite some truly heinous events that have gone down in my life in the past 5-6 years. I just....have yet to find this quality in a man I've dated. I'm sure there's one out there somewhere, but I'm tired of men taking their unresolved issues around their own upbringings, or disappointments, or ex girlfriends out on me, or on the entire female race in general. Own your crap, fellas. Look at it so you can deal with it.

You know what though? I'm cool with it. I have my friends, I have cats, I have wine, and until I meet Future Mr. Face who will be humble, kind, liberal, spiritual, down with tattoos, and a staunch supporter of equal rights, I'm just going to do my thang.

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