I browse a bunch of design blogs. I like pretty things. Design Sponge has an awesome organizational ideas. (Yes, some of them are just no. I am not buying 5 million glass jars of varying size and putting all my pantry items in them)

Seriously, the dresser drawer fronts as wall hangers - love it, and I want to do it for my purses (I have purse problem that Etsy and my family have enabled.)

The Ikea chair hack nightstand? I might brave Ikea to pull that off.

Cardboard dresser drawer dividers? Why didn't I think of that? I've recycled so many boxes.

Magazine holder into corner shelf? Yup, need to try that.

And Curbly takes unnecessary kitchen appliances. (I had no idea that Hot Chocolate makers were a thing. I mean, why? Pots and stoves and spoons exist, right?) As someone who got rid of her toaster and has limited counter space, I can relate. But I will never get rid of my stand mixer. Ever. Or my Cuisinart mini pizza oven. I would rather loose my real oven.