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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Printmakers and printmaking

I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while; a nice break from the outside world. And I haven’t done any posts in quite a while. :)

I find these soothing to watch and the end result is beautiful. There are an array of artists, techniques and styles, but I find all of them interesting.


First up is Rebecca Vincent, a U.K. artist who does monoprints/monotypes and etchings. A monoprint means that it can never be replicated. She lays down ink on a plexiglass plate or plastic sheet in various shapes, leaving some areas free of ink, removes areas of ink, prints that, then lays down more ink in the blank areas. I love her colours.

Isaiah Jones also does monographs, but she prints from handmade stencils.

Next; The Snake Artist; Bill Flowers from Tasmania. He’s also a naturalist and venomous snake handler, hence his nickname.


This is a collagraph; bits and bobs are glued to a background, in this particular video, ink is applied in such a way that the ink ends up in the recessed areas ins some areas, so it prints as a line.

Sarah Ross Thompson also works in collagraphs, but she applies the ink so the raised surface prints. Enjoy her crisp English accent, and the lovely Scottish brogue of the interviewer.

Sinclair Ashman, who also works in collagraphs, but his are by far the most abstract, with wonderful texture and composition.

And finally (not really, because there are a bazillion talented artists out there!), Hassan Manasrah, doing a linocut. This video exemplifies the crisp possibilities of woodcut and linocut. He’s hand printing, rather than using a press, rubbing the back of the paper using a spoon and a “baren” a tool from Japanese printmaking.


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