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Private Canadian refugee sponsorship...

We’ve talked a bit here about Canada’s policy to not prioritize the refugee applications of unmarried adult men—I’m no supporter of the policy or how the goverment has justified it—but since it had come up here I wanted to mention that the policy was not a blanket ban. The 15,000 publicly funded spots are closed to adult, unmarried men; The 10,000 privately funded spots are open.

That’s how Ahmad Mire’e is hoping to come to Canada. He’s being sponsored by a Canadian theatre company and a Syrian humanitarian relief foundation. He escaped Syria in 2012 and has been able to stay in Egypt on a student visa. Before he was approached with the opportunity to come to Canada, he had planned to “ride the seas”—take his chances crossing the mediterranean sea where thousand of migrants have died this year.

I’m not so much putting this here to solicit donations—although it’s lovely if you’re so inclined! I really just wanted to share it because his video moved me and I’m proud of a the arts community here taking it further than simply telling the stories, or raising awareness, and sponsoring someone.


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