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Private military contractors in Ferguson - Not what you might expect

A couple days ago word got out that someone had hired private military contract group Asymmetric Solutions to deploy to Ferguson. Initial speculation was that it was someone in the government hiring the contractors to do the real dirty work. As it turns out, the contractors were actually hired by a member of the media to escort him in and out of the city. From the wording of AS' statement (below, taken from their Facebook) it sounds like they're morally in agreement with the protesters and frustrated with the way the police and governor have responded.

"We were recently contacted by a professional investigative journalist that some of our ranks have previously escorted into highly dangerous combat zones. This individual requested that we escort their small group into Ferguson, Missouri to view the ongoing issues for future commentary. We took this individual in and out of the area safely without incident.

We were not hired to work for the state, for the police, to work as peacekeepers, mercenaries, cops for hire, etc. We have done similar personal bodyguard and high risk logistics work with journalists who are interested in reporting from hostile areas all over the world.

We normally do not comment on this side of our work. At suggestion of our client who felt our position was unique, our public message was one of frustration that someone who would typically call upon us to escort them to Baghdad, Kabul, etc. would feel the need to ask us to take them into a suburb of St. Louis, our own wonderful city. It is tragic that things have degenerated to this point. The metro area is our home and we believe the coverage of St. Louis and this incident by major media is fueling the issue unnecessarily for their own benefit.

In our time inside the Ferguson area, we came into ancillary contact with numerous demonstrators and protestors who did not seem to have any commitment to violence or chaos, but only wanted to peacefully have their opinion heard or report on the matters at hand. It seems a few bad actors are being treated as the whole.

We strongly support The US Constitution and have sworn an oath to it. The First Amendment Rights to assemble and speak and print are not limited to only pretty, popular, or mainstream opinions. They are among the most sacred things that are to be protected by Government. A free society is not always a convenient or easy society.

Law and order is important. Rioters and looters should be arrested and prosecuted. They cannot be used an excuse for the Governor to unnecessarily detain or arrest a peaceful press or lawful demonstrators. The Government has a duty to defend those liberties with the same vigor in which they defend private property from theft and destruction.

Our brief venture into the Ferguson area was to make our resources and experience available to help ensure that necessary liberties could be practiced by the press without threat of incidental violence or misguided repression."

We hope the situation resolves soon.

(Gateway Pundit article (which annoyingly cut out part of their Facebook message) here)


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