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Privilege and the food people eat

I know I write a lot about food, but, hey, they say to write what you know, so...

I've noticed something while watching cooking shows like Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Guy's Grocery Games. A lot of times, they'll give the chefs canned or boxed "convenience foods" like mac and cheese, or canned meats. Every. Single. Time, somebody puts their nose in the air and declares that they've never used this stuff in their life, and how gross it is, and how it's ruining their dish, etc.

All I can think every time I see somebody do this is how damn lucky they have been in their life if they have never used powdered cheese or ramen noodles or canned green beans or whatever it is. I always wondered, are they fudging the truth a little? Because unless they grew up rich, or not in America, I can't imagine never using stuff like that.


Recently, I was talking to someone who DID grow up very well off and has always been more than comfortable, and we were talking about food. I mentioned going to the food pantry, and having to get creative with the things we get from there. I said something about Spam, and she made this face like, "ew". I paused, and then asked her if she'd ever had it. She said, "No, I wouldn't even know where to find it in the grocery store!"

I can't even imagine. You guys pretty much know how I cook. I use fresh stuff when I can, but sometimes it's Spam and noodles and frozen peas, because it's that or go hungry. I can make a kickass chicken potpie entirely from canned goods. I'll use my homecanned pickles to make my own tarter sauce, but I'm also using a dressed-up boxed mix for the dessert.

Privilege shows up in the most unexpected places sometimes.

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