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PRIVILEGES and sustainable fashion

Hello Groupthinkers!

This is my very first post and I'm soooo excited! Thanks for making me one of your own. I love this place and you're all fabulous!

Ok, so down to business. I was introduced to this blog recently (perhaps it was even by one of you lovely folks) and although I'm not totally on-board with all of her ideas about a minimalist life, I do like the idea of thinking carefully about my clothes for a season. I feel like it would make my life easier in terms of getting out the door in the morning, and would make me think more carefully about how I spend my hard-earned cash.


But here's the thing. If I'm going to buy just a couple of additional pieces every season I'd like them to be quality and from companies who are invested in sustainable products (both sustainable in a green way and also in the safe-working-conditions, living-wage way). I love some of the products that Everlane produces but their range is pretty limited and apart from them I'm not very up on sustainable fashion. So hivemind, any suggestions for retailers I should look into?

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