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This is from late 2015, but it’s a really good article about the positive long-term impacts of resettling refugees.


I would add, I live in South St. Louis County and about 20-25% of my neighbors are Bosnians. They are awesome people. They go outside with their kids when their kids play (not hovering, just in line of sight) and talk with other neighbors. Petty crime and bullying among the kids and teens has gone down because there are adults nearish to where they are playing. Property values have gone up, because we have fewer condos for sale and when the Bosnians moved in they updated and renovated their property (my condo complex was built in the 1960s, and some of the condos were pretty outdated because elderly people had lived in them and were unable to renovate).

Also, the parents are so invested in their children doing well in school. Bayless School District is heavily Bosnian, and I had a former coworker whose daughter taught in one of the elementary schools. She told me that the Bosnian parents had told her daughter so many times how grateful they were their children had somewhere safe to go everyday and learn.

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