Worried about fitting into your wedding dress? Been doing a little too much stress-eating because no one is getting back to you about whether they're coming to the rehearsal dinner, or because your mother in law to be seems to have radar installed that tells her when you are actually having a calm, wedding-free moment so she can call and "suggest" things? If you're at all concerned, you can just develop food poisoning 10 days before your wedding!

Barely being able to keep down saltines, broth, and ginger ale, and having every morsel of food consumed being forcibly removed from your body, will really help with those last minute wedding dress woes!

Possible side effects: not being able to get the last minute stuff done and you just lie there, whimpering and slightly feverish, as you watch the clock click down towards your wedding, while you lie there as a useless lump...

So that's been my day, folks... how bout yours?