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Pro-tips, GT style

Let's trade our best pro-tips for life: cooking, decorating, crafting, working, sexing, everything. What's your best tip to get shit done?

  • When buying craft paints, get the regular-size bottles of red, yellow, black, and blue. Get a ginormous bottle of white. These can be mixed to your hearts content, but it always seems like you need tons of white paint, so just go ahead and get the big bottle.
  • Buy cleaning products at the dollar store, especially stuff like CLR. It's a little more diluted than the brand name stuff, but the instructions say to dilute it anyway, so you've just saved $5 and extra effort, which, let's face it, is priceless. I live in an old building an once in a while I'll end up with a lime rock in my toilet. Dump in some dollar store CLR, and it flushes like new again. For a buck, this stuff works miracles.
  • Speaking of the dollar store: Be on the lookout for pregnancy tests and UTI tests. Sometimes they have a ton, sometimes they have none at all. But we all know it's a good idea to have a couple on hand. If they expire before you need them, you've only spent a dollar!

Here are a couple of things I could use pointers on:

  • What does a childless 33-year-old do with stuffed animals? I love them to bits and pieces, which a couple of them are nearing that state, and I'd like to either display them in a cute, tasteful, tiniest-bit-of-squee way, or store them somewhere they won't get squished and forgotten about.
  • The cabinet under our sink is a leaky mess, and I've got a ton of pads. How should I hide them in plain sight? Decorative box? I've already got two baskets in the bathroom, another might be overkill.
  • What can I do with a ginormous bottle of bath oil? I don't like actually bathing in it because I feel like it moisturizes the tub more than it helps me, and then the tub is a slippery hazard zone, so I have to get sweaty (after my nice relaxing bath, dammit) cleaning the effer up. So far, I'm going to mix up a batch of sugar scrub, but I'll still have over half a bottle left and I KNOW I won't use the oil that quickly, not to mention I have various bottles of vitamin E, jojoba, and argan sitting around.

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