I decided I needed something even lighter coverage than the UD Naked Skin foundation, so I bought their Beauty Balm. My really dumb question is, do I need to wash it off like other make-up? I mean, obviously it has some color in it, which counts as bad and needs washed off. But, then it talks about the moisturizers, wrinkle fighting, magical ingredients in it that make me think I should leave it on. I try to wash my face most nights, but if I'm already in bed and remember I have foundation on, I'll get up to wash it off (or use the make-up remover wipes I keep by my bed for that purpose). Do I need to worry about that with the beauty balm?

On a semi-related note, I really like the beauty balm. The coverage isn't quite as heavy as I'd like, I need something between full foundation and beauty balm. I'm thinking maybe the smashbox CC cream, but the tester of it I tried felt really heavy. I like the UD stuff, because even the foundation feels light.