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Problem/not a problem

I have this opportunity in the film industry. If I don't take it, it might go away. If I take it and I blow it, I will never be able to do anything similar again. But I do believe that it would be good and valuable work.

I have had some meetings about this. I have realized that I do not fit in. At all. To wit: someone actually told me I scared them because I'm terrible with small talk and tend to speak really quickly when I'm nervous. So in addition to having less than a clue what I'd be getting into, I'd be doing it on hostile territory. Then again, that might be SOP.

My options: 1) take the chance, potentially make an ass out of myself and waste a year, OR 2) better safe than sorry, ignore it entirely, OR 3) split the baby, and see if the shot's still there in a year when I've had a chance to learn more about it and get some sea legs.


This is a huge chance. If I do this, I will have to give up on pretty much anything else for nearly a year. If it goes well I will be a happy panda. If it goes poorly I will regret it forever like Miss Havisham, sitting in the same clothes I was wearing in 2014 when I made the fateful decision to either...


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