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Problem of a somewhat...ahem...personal nature

Hello hello my friends! So this has been a rough freaking summer. Long story short, I had a very small stroke (no lasting effects as far as I can tell) in May, which led docs to finding a congenital defect in my heart that caused it. So I had a heart procedure to close a hole in my heart in the beginning of July and I’ve been kind of up and down since then (including a really bad bout of strep throat and a sinus infection.) So here’s the issue.

After the stroke, I had to quit taking birth control pills, I don’t think I can ever take them again, and I am having a hell of a time orgasming. I still have a VERY high sex drive and I used to be hella orgasmic, with it happening pretty darn fast and lots of times. Now...it’s like a freaking marathon to get me there, if I do at all. My doc took me off a very high dose lipitor and plavix (lipitor can affect testosterone production, plavix is a blood thinner) but nothing. I’m trying new vibrators, etc but I’m dying! Of course I will talk to my doctor about this, but in the meantime, what the hell do I do? Please help!


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