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Problematic Buzzfeed Quiz: Are You A Feminist

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It looks like this.

Technically, this is correct.

However, who is going to answer "no," other than those outliers who believe that women are bred to be in the home or Jesus says this or that? This completely disregards the people who DO believe in gender equality (or think they do) but fail to see that we are not actually living in gender equality.


The problem with getting support for feminism today (along with the issues of intersectionality), is that people believe that women and men DO live equally. They are not seeing what we feminists see when we discuss street harassment, how women are treated in the media, maternity leave, and other issues.

I think there are plenty of people who consider themselves feminist (although they may not use the word), who think that because women can vote and work and marital rape isn't legal and birth control and abortion are legal (ehm, sort of), gender equality has been reached. I personally know plenty of these people.


What I do like about this quiz is that it shows how simple the definition truly is (or could be), and that it's not about women being better than men or trying to bring them down.

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