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Here is mine: my toes are just not built for wearing high heels.

You see, I have exceedingly long big toes, and exceptionally strong toenails.

And I mean long. My big toes are just slightly longer than my thumbs. This has been deemed abnormal. When I was maybe 13/14/15 my Mom looked at my feet and went "Hey Jess, are you ever self conscious about your abnormally long toes?" Doctors have since agreed, my large toes are in fact very large.


Which is great, because I love my toes, and my nails are indestructible. I credit all the milk my parents made me drink as a kid. Please do not try to science at me if you feel the need to inform me about science, I'm not in the mood, MILK MADE MY BONES STRONGER. That is all.

But, when I wear heels? They invariably press on said toenails. And large toes. Because neither of these things are particularly soft and giving, that means I end up in pain.

My Mother, in her kindness and wisdom, likes to tell me that I'm simply not wearing the correct size shoes. The problem with that? If I wear shoes that are any bigger, they don't stay on my feet. I WISH that were the solution. Having that as the solution would be awesome. Because then there *would be* a solution. As it is, unless I am wearing flats or open toed shoes/sandals, life is pain. Pain and suffering.

This is why I live in Toms. I even have a couple pairs that I will wear to work. They do not hurt my poor toes, and they have arch support. I sit at a desk all day and don't go to important meetings, and I always keep a pair of 'nice' shoes at my desk should I need to put them on.


But I really wish I could just wear regular pumps/wedges/heels without wanting to cry :(

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